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Transferring To A New Residence – 4 Indicate Consider

Transferring To A New Residence – 4 Indicate Consider

by BeeHiveKits

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1. The brand-new beekeeper
The new beekeeper will be more than enthusiastic to have his brand-new bees arrive by post.
Before the bees arrive he would have selected a suitable area to put his brand-new bees in along with the new hive. The location for the hive would need to be in a private location where the bees will not be interrupted by both humans and also animals. The hive likewise needs to remain in a location where strong winds will certainly not knock it down.

Prior to the bees arrive it would certainly be an excellent point to attempt out the safety and security equipment and specially the body match to ensure that you are well protected as well as do not get hurt. The post office will certainly keep you educated on the arrival of the bees, and as soon as they come will certainly ask you to come as well as take your unsafe parcel away as quickly as feasible.

2. The newly arrived
The remainder of the bees will certainly be alright and will certainly have to be transferred to the brand-new hive that you have actually established up for them from the container that they were shipped in. Inside the delivery container there will be a smaller container; this has the queen in it.

3. Positioning the queen in the hive
The queen’s container should be hung inside the hive that has been organized the brand-new bees. Currently puncture an opening in the sugar so that the worker will be able to release the queen bee much easier and also permit her to leave into the hive. Treatment needs to be taken that the queen is not ruined in anyway while you pierce the sugar cube as it is not easy to find a replacement for the queen bee during winter season.

After the queen has been placed right into the hive, blow a puff of smoke into the container with the various other and also allow them out right into the hive. If there are any still in the container just leave the container near the hive as well as they will certainly go right into it on their very own.

4. A week for the bees to calm down
The bees will certainly take a minimum of a week to calm down to their brand-new hive then the queen bee will start laying her eggs and the will additionally start making honey.

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