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Should you go with the Flow?

Should you go with the Flow?

by BeeHiveKits

Beekeeping for Beginners

Just what do I assume regarding the Flow hive? I ve obtained dozens perhaps a hundred emails asking exactly what I assume of it.

My answer? Very little.

If there is any person available who hasn t heard of the Circulation, it is a special kind of hive where, instead of extracting honey in the regular means, you just transform a crucial and gather the honey as it drains of a faucet. The innovators have unique videos revealing their mason jars magically submitting up with crystal clear, ready-to-eat honey straight from the hive.

I have no suggestion if it really works. According to just what I ve read, the plastic frameworks are created to shift up and down along the center (or midrib) of the honeycomb. You placed the structures in your honey supers as well as wait for the to fill the cells and cure the honey. Once it s capped, you transform a secret that changes the midrib (where structure would typically be) and splits open the cells. The honey drains out and is caught in a canal that leads to a tube that drains into your container.

When the comb is drained, you transform the key once more which moves the comb back into its original location. Supposedly, the bees then swindle the cappings, fix the cells, and also re-fill them.

Whether it functions or otherwise is anyone s presume. If you uncap a structure of honey as well as hold it upside-down, not much occurs, so I envision it is the heat of the hive that makes the honey runny adequate to move. If you have a cool hive, or specifically thick or partly crystallized honey, I imagine you might have difficulty with this.

Now I have absolutely nothing against technology, so if that s just what these folks really want to advertise and also sell, they ve obtained the right. Yet honestly, I see absolutely nothing good concerning it for the bees.

Actually, of all the honey bee-related problems worldwide, exactly how to obtain the honey out is low on the list. The marketers state the system benefits due to the fact that you could gather the honey without stressing them. However does that indicate you take honey without examining just how much continues to bes for the bees? Are you keeping bees without looking for diseases or mites? Can all good beekeeping practices be ignored?

I read that the system is excellent for people who desire their own honey however are terrified of bees and It s a terrific means to obtain begun in beekeeping without all the trouble. I likewise reviewed You can get all the perks of a bee hive without having to deal with !

Evidently, the innovators are starting a crowdfunding project next Monday to elevate money to bring this creation to market. That s great by me; I want them well. However if you wish to learn beekeeping, you begin by learning about bees exactly how to collect their honey should be the last point on your mind. Unless you could raise big healthy swarms that make honey to begin with, no amount of innovation will certainly assist you remove it.

My crystal sphere tells me the task will certainly obtain moneyed, the hives will get generated, a few people will certainly extol their virtues, but eventually the mania will Flow away for the following fantastic beekeeping creation.

Which, dear viewers, is my modest viewpoint.

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