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St. Joseph Abbey volunteer induces buzz with beekeeping

St. Joseph Abbey volunteer induces buzz with beekeeping

by BeeHiveKits

Backyard Beekeeping

COVINGTON, La. It hasn’t been so long ago that the monks at St. Joseph Abbey in Covington were making nationwide information with their court fight to sell their hand-made caskets in the state of Louisiana.

Now the work of one volunteer, soon to be a monk himself, can bring an entire new reputation to the Benedictine order.

On the grounds of St. Joseph Abbey, longtime volunteer Jeff Horchoff continues a tradition in monasteries that gets back centuries: apiculture.

A retired postal employee nicknamedMr. Ed, Horchoff has actually functioned for years in the wood shop, constructing those debatable caskets. He is, nonetheless, a male of lots of abilities. Just recently, he brought his avocation, apiculture, to the abbey.

In the 3 years I have actually been doing this seriously right here at the Abbey,” Horchoff said. “The number of hives has increased from three, and also currently I depend on about 25.

Horchoff harvests the honey from the hives, containers it and also sells it in the St. Joseph Abbey gift shop as St. Joseph Abdominal pure honey. The money visits help the monks and also expand the operation.

We’re all discovering honey,” stated Mark Coudrain, which operates the woodworking store at St. Joseph. “You recognize individuals come to the woodwork store sometimes to check out caskets, often, (they claim) ‘Where’s the honey individual?’ They desire to understand where the honey individual is.”.

Horchoff said his entire inspiration is to work for God. After years crafting coffins in the timber shop and also maintaining bees on the grounds, he gets on his way to becoming a monk himself. His volunteer initiatives, he claimed, are all component of his personal quest.

I don’t do this to obtain honey. I do this since the bees, in keeping bees, you could actually see God’s hand in it,” he stated.

The bees and the honey belong to a little yet growing operation, trickling with probabilities. Not only could clients acquire a bottle of Ab Bee Honey in the St. Joseph Abbey Gift Shop, however they can likewise sponsor one or more of the increasing variety of hives, all in support of the abbey.

It assists the abbey,” Coudrain stated. “It brings the word regarding that we are, just what we do. Ideally, eventually, we might even be making candle lights from the wax. It simply can advance.”.

Horchoff prepares to gather an additional set of honey this weekend break that will certainly discover its way to the present shop racks.

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